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SwenorRullskidbroms Stop & Go

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Rullskidbroms Stop & Go from Swenor is a brake for rollerskiing. The brake is installed on the top of the rollerski, between the binding and the rear fork. Stop & Go is a so-called "calf brake" which brakes when you bring the rollerski forward, while pushing the brake arm toward the calf so that the brakes are pressed against the rear wheel, thus reducing the speed. The brake is universal and can be installed on all Swenor rollerskis.
Swenor was founded around 1981 in Sweden with a view to bring the Norwegian and Swedish ski elite with roller skis. 1994, Swenor moved their business to Norway, where they are still today provides ski elite with roller skis and is an official supplier to both the Swedish and Norwegian national XC teams.

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