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Woolpower 400 Vest is the ideal mid layer garment for staying warm and at the sam time keeping your arms free. Unisex. Woolpower 400 is made fom 400g wool terrycloth and combines the fantastic propperties of merino wool (keeys you warm even when wet, less likley to smell bas ad you use it) with the cozy qualities of terrycloth. This full zip vest has a reinforced collar and a straight bottomed hem. The collar has the Woolpower logo knitted in (all colors except green) as well as an embroidered Woolpower logo on the chest.

Woolpower Vest 400 g specifications:
  • 69% Merino wool, 29% Polyamide, 2% Elastane
Specifications for Vest 400:
Main material: Merino wool
Weight: 400 g
Insulation: Lightly insulated
Hood: No
Windproof: No
Adjustable in the waist: No
Mid-layer: Yes
Woolpower manufactures warm merino wool undergarments and socks from the yarn to the finished product in its own factory in Östersund. When Woolpower produces clothes, it thinks long-term at all stages. The clothes should be timeless, functional and of the highest quality in the interests of avoiding wastefulness. Their production from merino wool is the core of the clothes' functionality. Woolpower also opts to add some synthetics to provide the garments with extra strength and durability. Wool is nature's very own functional fabric that wicks away moisture, keeps you warm even when it's damp and doesn't smell when you sweat. The wider the layer of air you can create around your body, the more heat you can retain. Woolpower's own fabric Ullfrotté Original traps a lot of air and is manufactured in several thicknesses. Woolpower's garments can be used as layer one, layer two or layer three. The LITE range traps the least air and is the coolest option, while garments knitted with Ullfrotté Original 200, 400 and 600 g retain the heat your body generates. Just remember to adjust the layers according to activity level and what suits you.

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