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Narrow Zipper L from ZlideOn is a product that helps you fix the zipper on bags, shoes, pram accessories, golf bags.

  • Usage: Bags, shoes, stroller accessories, golf bags, etc.
  • Zipper type: Narrow
  • Width: 6.40-6.60mm
  • Height: 2.60-2.75mm
  • Previous name: 5C-1 (round girder) and 5C-2 (straight girder)
  • Brand: 7D, Opti, Salmi S4, YBS / YKK 5Ci, 5CT

It is really annoying when you are about to leave home and realize that your jacket, bag or trousers have a broken zipper. With ZlideOn you can repair it directly and be on the move with a repaired zipper in seconds! We conducted a research in Sweden and found out that one third of the Swedes throw away an item if it gets a broken zipper. That is a shame when it is so easy to repair it. Approximately a quarter who gets a broken zipper change it themselves, normally by removing the old zipper and sew in a new. Normally it is just the slider that needs to be exchanged and that goes so much easier and quicker with a ZlideOn. ZlideOn is a Swedish patented innovation produced in a small village called Sävsjö. It is made of zinc and steel.

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