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HamaxTraveller incl. Bicycle Arm & Stroller

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Traveller from Hamax is a light weight bike trailer which gives you value for money. The trailer can easily convert into a stroller. The push handle can be placed in two different positions, making the trailer even easier to use. The bike trailer has plenty of space for 2 children as well as your luggage, and it is is easy to fold/unfold. The children will enjoy comfortable seatings and large windows which gives them a good view on every trip.
  • Only double (no single version)
  • Bicycle arm and stroller wheel included
  • Roof window
  • Easy to fold/unfold
  • Easy installation (hex tool included)
  • Rear storage compartment
  • Rear light (red) included
  • Front cover, mesh and sunshade, no zippers
  • Quick release wheels
  • 5 point harness with quality buckles
  • Foot operated parking brake
Specifications for Traveller incl. Bicycle Arm & Stroller:
Axle width: 51 cm
Area of use: Cycling /Walking
Number of children: 2 pcs
Weight: 13 kg
Outside dimensions (LengthxWidthxHeight): 101,5x78,5x95 cm
Total weight capacity: 47 kg
Hamax AS is a leading producer of child bike seats, bicycle trailers, helmets and sleds. For more than 60 years Hamax has developed innovative products for the safe transportation of children. These days, it is not all about transportation. Spending time with the family is a precious gift. Health is more important than ever. At Hamax, we would like to contribute to family time, healthy outdoor activities and a smooth organization of the everyday life. We have created products which promote time together – making memories which will be treasured in the future. The Hamax adventure started back in 1958, on a small island in the Oslofjord, where plastic components were produced. In the early 60ies, winter sleds and miniskis were developed, and in 1981 the very first child bicycle seat was introduced to the market. Over the years, Hamax developed into a leading, global supplier of children’s products, constantly evolving, leading right up to the birth of a new product line in 2016 – the bicycle trailer. Today, Hamax runs a lean, dedicated and innovative operation built on a total focus on safety, quality and design. The safe transportation of children is more relevant than ever, as an increasing number of families choose to replace the second car with bicycles. The Hamax products are adapted to multifunctional use and makes it easy to live a healthy, fun and green life.

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