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Outnorth and sustainability

We have the responsibility to run our business as sustainably as we can. Our goal is to inspire more people to spend time outdoors, and therefore we must do our part to ensure that this will be possible for everyone in the future as well.

Like all companies, we have many challenges to face, but we take sustainability issues very seriously and will work hard and continuously to be a role model in the industry.

In the fight for environmental protection and against global warming, we have set long-term goals to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and become completely climate neutral. But we also see microplastics in the oceans, working conditions of our subcontractors, chemical issues as well as sustainable consumption as very important issues for our company.

Sustainability the Outnordic Way


Climate compensated shipping

At Outnorth, we work hard to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. As for the emissions that we cannot avoid today, we have decided to compensate for them. We measure our emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. In 2021, Outnorth compensates for Scope 1 (leased cars) and Scope 2 (electricity and heating) as well as for parts of Scope 3 (freight and business travel). Regarding shipping, we currently compensate for all shipments we have operational responsibility for, that is inbound shipments of own brands as well as all outbound shipments. We are working with Trees for All in a Plan Vivo certified project in Bolivia to offset our carbon footprint. We have donated 30,000 Euros which compensates for 2,222 tons of carbon dioxide. According to our estimate, the emissions we want to compensate for are lower than that. However, if at the end of the year it turns out that this was not enough, we will make additional donations.

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A balanced outdoor lifestyle

Factory list and tanneries

You can't get far on your own

That's why we work with companies and organizations that in some way contribute to a fairer and more sustainable future.

For social issues, we significantly benefit from our membership in amfori BSCI by auditing our subcontractors according to the joint code of conduct and helping factories to improve working conditions for their employees.

We are also, via our brand Urberg, members of 1% For the Planet and donate substantial amounts to environmental organizations every year. In 2020 we were able to donate an amount of just over 100 000 Euro that we chose to give to the WWF, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Naturarvet, the Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature, The Danish society for Nature Conservation and the John Nurminen Foundation. We are currently working on connecting the Sydvang brand to 1% For the Planet.

We are also associated with the “Fur Free Retailers” and require our suppliers to ensure that all merino wool is Mulesing-free.

We try to encourage more people to spend time outdoors, and we are proud to support organizations such as the Swedish Outdoor Association, the Swedish Tourist Board and the Adventure Academy.

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