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Outdoor life is meant for everyone

In nature, everyone is welcome regardless of previous experience or level of ambition. But how do you choose the right products to have as pleasant an outdoor stay as possible? Here we have collected guides and articles that touch on this. If you do not find answers to your questions here, do not hesitate to contact our Customer service!


Taking care of your climbing gear

Taking care of your climbing equipment is important when climbing, it is thanks to the equipment that you can climb safely. This guide describes how to best care for your equipment to keep you safe for years to come.

Find the right clothes, gear and accessories

As outdoor life becomes more popular, the product range within this category has also become larger. There are many options and it is good for all of us who love nature and outdoor activities. Maybe there are even too many choices? If you feel that this is the case for you, it can be difficult to know what to choose. Here in our guides you can learn more about different products and materials: their properties, advantages and disadvantages and how to use them.

Don't compromise on the equipment

It is often said that you should not compromise on your equipment – and that is especially true in outdoor activities. The right and good equipment is essential for your outdoor experience – regardless of whether it concerns a day trip or longer trips with an overnight stay. In other words, it is essential that you provide yourself with the best conditions with great equipment without bringing unnecessary packing.

Our guides

We have chosen to divide our guides according to the activity they belong to and how they are used to help you find the information you are looking for. Use the categories above to find information about the activity, equipment or fabric you want to learn more about. Enjoy!

Product Guides

To help you prepare for your next adventure, we have collected our best tips, advice and expert knowledge in various guides for you. With our product guides you can become a little wiser about how to choose the right equipment. There is a guide for those interested in buying a new sleeping bag, a new tent or running shoes. Make your choice of equipment and clothing easier by first learning more about what products are available using our product guides. Choose the activity you are going to do in the navigation above and find different guides that help you choose the right products for your specific needs.

Activity guides and inspiration

Do you have all the equipment, but need a guide to get started? We guide you through the use of common equipment and give you practical advice to get started with various activities. Click on the the category with the same name as the activity you want to try to see various guides on how to get started and what is important to think about.

Take care of your clothes and equipment

If you instead need advice on how to take care of your equipment, we recommend the category Maintenance – there you can read more about how to take care of different fabrics, outdoor clothing and equipment. When you wash, dry, repair and store your products correctly they will last longer and work better. Under this category, you can read about, for instance, how to take care of your sleeping bag, shell jacket and your shoes.

Different fabrics

The material your clothes and equipment are made of determines how they work and what activities they are best suited for. Learn more about common fabrics in outdoor activities under the Materials category. Here you will find our large Material guide which explains what the fabrics are made of, the unique properties they possess and how to wash them. Read also about how different materials on socks are suitable for different activities, what merino wool means and how you should best dress for the winter to keep you warm.

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