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Take care of your sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is a big investment. If you take care of it properly, it will be a faithful companion for years to come. But in order for it to stay nice, fresh and functional, you need to take care of it. In this guide, we at Outnorth give tips on how to take care of your sleeping bag in the best way - both at home and out on adventures.

Things to keep in mind for your sleeping bag to last a long time

  • Store your sleeping bag hanging or in a storage bag when you are not using it
  • Use sleeping bag sheets so you don't have to wash your sleeping bag as often
  • Air out the sleeping bag after each night you slept in it
  • Make sure the sleeping bag is completely dry before hanging it away

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Wash, dry and store your sleeping bag properly

How to wash your sleeping bag

You will go a long way with airing your sleeping bag and using a sleeping bag sheet, but from time to time you will still need to wash it.  A sleeping bag sheet takes up little space in the pack, provides warmth and higher comfort in the sleeping bag and is easier to wash than a sleeping bag, therefore it is wise to invest in a sleeping bag sheet for several reasons. When washing your sleeping bag, you should always follow the washing instructions that are in the sleeping bag, because it can differ between sleeping bags. Use a mild detergent, preferably specifically designed for sleeping bags, and avoid fabric softener. A down sleeping bag should be washed with a special down detergent.

If the sleeping bag has only got one stain, you do not need to wash the entire sleeping bag, then it is enough that you rub off the stain with a sponge or cloth, then you save on nature's resources and your time, while extending the life of the sleeping bag.

How to dry your sleeping bag after washing

It is important to dry your sleeping bag thoroughly after washing. How you should dry it depends on the type of sleeping bag you have - down sleeping bag or synthetic sleeping bag. A synthetic sleeping bag can be tumble dried or hang dried and a down sleeping bag should always be tumble dried. It has long been recommended to tumble dry down products with a few tennis balls, but we at Outnorth know that down and feathers can then break off, which means that it becomes sharp and can start to penetrate through outer material and stick out from the sleeping bag. Instead, we recommend tumble drying it without tennis balls at a low temperature for about six hours. Remember to take it out every two hours and massage the down to regain the fluffiness. 

How to store your sleeping bag

When you are away, store the sleeping bag in a compression bag or packing bag. However, when you are at home, you should not store it compressed, this damages the filling and thus the insulating ability of the sleeping bag. We recommend that you store your sleeping bag hanging, for example in a closet or in another well-ventilated area. Alternatively, in the large storage bag that comes with some sleeping bags. If the sleeping bag is stored compressed, it will eventually lose its loft and insulating ability. Keep in mind that the sleeping bag should be completely dry before you hang it away. 

Take care of your sleeping bag

Care instructions out on adventure

When you have slept one night in the sleeping bag, we recommend that you hang it up on ventilation. For example, in a tree or on a drying line, in this way it is properly aerated from moisture formed during the night.

If the sleeping bag should break while you are away, it can usually be repaired with simple means. For example, a hole in the fabric can be temporarily repaired with a piece of duct tape. When you get home, you can then repair the hole properly, either by sewing the hole together or with the help of a repair patch.

Now don't forget to take care of your sleeping bag so that you can use it for many years to come!

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