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About Outnorth

Long story short

Outnorth was originally called “Kalmar Kommissionsaffär” and was founded as early as 1926 in central Kalmar. At that time, the store was a little bit of a pawn shop, but then developed into a shop for work clothes and outdoor clothing. In 1999 the store became a real outdoor store under the name “Naturbolaget”. In 2002, we also opened a Naturbolaget in Växjö, and in 2005 we started selling our products online. Today, both our online store and our two retail stores carry the name Outnorth. Since then, we have moved our office to Växjö, and in 2021 we also moved our warehouse from Växjö to Hisingen in Gothenburg to a better logistics location. Our head office is still located in Växjö, but in new and modern premises.

Beautiful location – close to nature

Kalmar is a small town in south-eastern Sweden and one of the country's oldest cities. Its proximity to the Baltic Sea made the city an important trade centre as early as the 13th century. Both Kalmar and Växjö belong to the province of Småland. Extensive forests, lakes and rivers are typical for Småland. Many of the smaller towns in Småland have grown out of agriculture, forestry and glass production. People here are often described as smart, hardworking and stingy, but we would prefer to call the latter “economical”.

Gothenburg, located on the country's west coast, is Sweden's second largest city, and the port of Gothenburg is the Nordic region's largest port centre. Even though Gothenburg is a large city, its inhabitants are still close to nature – take for example Gothenburg's beautiful archipelago. Gothenburgers are said to be hospitable and easy-going, which is perhaps not surprising when you live in a beautiful city with great nature experiences close by.

Proximity to nature is of great importance to us, as we like to put our products to the test right here. Like many others, we want to reduce our impact on nature as much as possible. That is why we also work on sustainability issues intensively. In connection with the move of our warehouse to Gothenburg, we also decided to install solar panels on the roof of the new warehouse. In the future, we will also only use vehicles traveling from the port to our new warehouse that run on fossil-free HVO fuel. You can read more about how 

The best of Scandinavian Outdoor

Outnorth's focus is Outdoor from a Scandinavian perspective – we call it ”The best of Scandinavian Outdoor”. We choose clothing, footwear and equipment mainly from Nordic brands and based on how we experience and perceive nature and outdoor life here in the North and in Scandinavia.

We want to inspire more people to spend time outdoors, because we know it is beneficial on so many levels. Our mission is “We bring happiness to people by taking them outdoors.” We can’t do this alone, so therefore we also collaborate with two of Sweden's largest organizations in outdoor life – Friluftsfrämjandet (Swedish Outdoor Association) and STF, the Swedish tourism association.


We hope that our commitment to the outdoors is reflected in our wide range of products, our inspiring guides and our helpful customer service team. We are here for you and hope you also want to experience “The Best of Scandinavian Outdoor”!


How to contact Outnorth:

Phone: +46 (0)480-94 000
Mail: [email protected]
Address: Box 3011, 350 33 Växjö.
Return address: Outnorth AB, John Bunyans Väg 2, 418 78 Göteborg, Sweden

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