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How to choose the right equipment for your dog

Most dog lovers tend to agree that the dog is man's best friend. There really is a special bond between dog owner and dog. Of course, that's why our four-legged friends deserve only the best when it comes to equipment. We at Outnorth have a large selection of equipment for your dog. In addition to dog collarsdog harnesses and dog coats, you will also find toys and water bottles for your dog. In this guide, we go through how to choose the right equipment for your dog.

Things to consider when choosing equipment for your dog

  • Choose a dog collar or dog harness based on the activities you want to do with your dog.
  • Consider your dog's primary needs when choosing a dog blanket. Should it protect against cold, rain, dirt or just provide a little extra warmth?
  • For the puppy, you should choose an adjustable harness/collar that you can adjust as the dog grows.
  • The two-finger rule - don't forget to add an extra 1.5-3.0 cm around the chest measurement/neck measurement when measuring your dog.

Dog collar or dog harness?

Your dog will use a dog collar or harness almost every day. Therefore, this naturally becomes one of the most important parts of the dog's equipment. For safety reasons, you should choose a durable dog harness made of strong and durable materials. You don't want to end up in a situation where the harness/collar suddenly breaks when on a walk. By investing in a high-quality dog harness, you are also making a more sustainable choice as it will last longer.

There is a wide range of dog collars and dog harnesses and it can be difficult to know which one to choose or if you even need different equipment for different activities. We hope that in this guide we can guide you in your choice of collar or harness for your dog.

Dog collar

A dog collar is perfect for everyday use during walks and other activities. Dog collars is available in a wide variety of materials, styles and functions. Choose a wider dog collar that distributes the weight, which comes from the dog pulling on the leash, evenly over a wider area around the dog's neck. If your dog tends to pull hard on the leash or if you perform pulling activities, we recommend that you choose a dog harness instead.

How to measure your dog when buying a dog collar
To find the right size dog collar, measure the neck circumference where the collar should sit with a tape measure. You should be able to get two fingers between the collar and the dog's neck - the so-called two-finger rule. Add 1.5-3.0 cm extra to the neck measurement to avoid a too tight fit.

Are you going to buy a dog collar for your puppy?
Consider choosing a collar that is easy to put on and take off to create a positive experience around the collar for the puppy. We recommend choosing an adjustable collar that you can adjust as the puppy grows. Choose a wider collar as this is gentler on the neck and neck if the puppy jerks on the leash. Also consider choosing a necklace with light clasps so that it does not become heavy and unwieldy during your walks.

Dog harness & Dog collar

Dog harness

A dog harness with an ergonomic fit gives your dog comfort and prevents injuries. The dog harness therefore quickly becomes an important part of the active dog's equipment. The type of activities you do together with your dog will be decisive in choosing the right harness. For the daily walk, it can be nice to choose a dog harness that is quick and easy to put on. If you often hike or take longer walks with your dog, an all-round harness is the best option. If your dog often runs with you when running, cycling, or skiing, you need a tow harness.

How to measure your dog when buying a dog harness
Use a measuring tape and let the dog stand up with a straight back to get the most accurate measurement possible. If the dog's measurements are on the border between two sizes of the dog harness, choose the larger size. A dog harness that is too small can cause chafing and hinder the dog's freedom of movement. Remember to use the two-finger rule and add an extra 1.5-3.0 cm. On all product pages for dog harnesses, we have a size guide so that you can find the right size for your dog

  • Neck circumference - measure around the neck where it is widest closest to the chest.
  • Chest circumference - measure around the chest where it is widest just behind the front legs.

Most dog harnesses have adjustment points at both the chest and neck but note that some harnesses are only adjustable around the chest.

Are you going to buy a dog harness for your puppy?
Puppies and young dogs grow quickly, therefore, choose an adjustable dog harness that you can adapt as the dog grows. Also remember to choose a dog harness with light buckles so that it does not weigh down the puppy. It is also a good idea to choose a harness that is easy to put on and take off, especially in the beginning when the puppy is getting used to the harness. A dog harness distributes the pressure evenly over the body if the puppy were to pull on the leash.

Dog coats

A dog coat can help your dog keep warm but also protect against rain, dirt and moisture. Some dogs are sensitive to cold, other dogs are rigid and need help to keep warm. Below we list the main things to consider when choosing the right dog coat for your dog.

Which dog coat should I choose for my dog?

First, think about why your dog needs a dog coat? Do you need a raincoat to protect your dog from the cold during the winter season? Then you should choose a lined winter coat. Do you need a dog coat to protect against rain and moisture during the walk? Then a raincoat is a better fit. Is your dog cold so you need a warming fleece coat? Or do you only need a coat to protect your dog from dirt, snow and twigs? Then a thin raincoat may be more suitable. Think about which functions and areas of use are important to you. Simply start from your dog's primary needs.

Tip! Choose dog equipment with reflective details as it is often dark outside during the evening and morning walks.

Dog coats

What size dog coat should I choose?

Choosing the right size dog coats is important for your dog's comfort and not to inhibit the dog's natural movement. If the dog coat is too small, the dog will not want to wear it or move as usual. If it instead is too big it can slide around so that it bothers your dog.

How to measure your dog when buying a dog coat

All dogs are different in their structure, and it is important that you carefully measure your dog before your purchase. Use the two-finger rule here as well and add 1.5-3.0 cm to the chest measurement to avoid a too tight fit.

  • Chest circumference - measure around the chest where it is widest just behind the front legs.
  • Back length – measure from the neck to just behind the tail.

Many dog coats have adjustment points at the neck, chest, stomach and bottom so that you can easily adjust the size of the blanket to your dog. On all our dog coats’ respective product pages, we have a size guide so that you can find the right size for your dog.

Good luck in your choice of equipment for your best friend, the dog!

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