WindBurner Accessory Pot 1,8L - ID: A029933

MSRWindBurner Accessory Pot 1,8L

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For backcountry or weekend trips involving more than 1-2 people, WindBurner Accessory Pot 1,8L let you share a fast-boiled cup of soup or coffee with friends, and add more versatility to minimalist camp cooking.
WindBurner Accessory Pot 1,8L is a hard-anodized aluminum pot feature a built-in heat exchanger that efficiently transfers the stove’s radiant heat. The pot can also serve as personal eat-and-drink vessel and come complete with a clear, BPA-free drinking and strainer lid, a pot cozy, extra bowl and a canister stand. Compatible exclusively with the WindBurner Stove.
Specifications for WindBurner Accessory Pot 1,8L:
Volume: 1,8 L
Weight: 370 g
MSR (Mountain Safety Research) offer outdoor gear, such as tents and kitchens at the highest level of safety and quality. The stuff is ideal for you who want the best and most reliable gear available.

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