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NitroWomen's Scala TLS

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Women's Scala TLS from Nitro is a women's snowboard boot that helps you develop your riding. Both the outer shoe and inner shoe have quick lacing so you can easily get in and out of the shoe. The insole can be heated and molded to your foot, but this is usually not necessary.
  • Rubber Outsole
  • TLS (Twin Lacing System)
  • Molded TLS Lace Handles
  • Bail Out System
  • Women's Cloud 2 Liner
  • Interlock Cloud Liner
  • DLS Liner Lacing
  • Re/Lace Liner Locker
  • Women's Anatomical Footbed
Specifications for Women's Scala TLS:
Walk mode: No
Gender: Women
Nitro was founded in 1990 and is today one of Europe's largest snowboard brands. It is owned and operated by people who are really passionate about snowboarding. Even at an early stage, Nitro has proven to be very innovative and were really groundbreaking when they created twintip and female pro model. Today, Nitro delivers everything from hardware, boardbags, backpacks and outerwear.

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  • Environment info

    Nitro truly cares about their environmental impact, social responsibility and the global snowboarding community as a whole. They focus om high-quality products with a long lifespan and reducing overproduction.

    Social Engagement

    Nitro's decentralized company structure allows for employees to walk, bike to teh office or work from home. This company culture has been cultivated since 1990.

    People thoughout the supplychain are treated with respect and made aware of the core values and sustainability focus of the company. This means that factory workers are ensured a safe and healthy work environment, recieve fair labour compensation and mutual respect.


    Alongside ClimatePartner, Nitro has investigated their snowboards' whole lifecycle emissions. In this way they are working towards reducing carbon emissions and investing in impactful carbon offset projectsoffsetting 100% of their snowboard emissions. This means that as of 2021 all Nitro snowboards are 100% carbon neutral.

    In partnership with FSC™ all wood cores in the snowboards are harvested from 100% well-managed forrests. Nitro believes that the wood used in every snowboard is what makes it unique and special. Therefore it is important to them that the forrest and the planet is treated respect.
    • The Nitro snowboard factory, offices and factory staff apartments are 100% solar powered
    • Water-based inks are used on 70% of their board top-sheets and 30% of their bases
    • 70% of the boards have uncoated or use a solvent-free lacquer with VOC:0
    • Over 85% of Nitro's running bases are made with recycled materials
    • Board edges are made with 50% recycled steel
    • 20% of plastic parts are made of recycled matreials
    • Boots are made mostly with PVC free materials and use a benzene free glue
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