About Outnorth


In the beginning, Outnorth was called Kalmar Kommissionsaffär and was founded as early as 1926 in central Kalmar, Sweden. At that time it worked somewhat like a pawnshop, but was later developed to become a store for work wear and outdoor clothing. In 1999 the store became a fully fledged outdoor store under the name Naturbolaget. In 2002 we opened Naturbolaget in Växjö too and in 2005 we launched our online store. Now, our online store and our two physical stores use the name Outnorth. Our main office and logistics center is now both located in Växjö, Sweden.

Kalmar is a small town in south-eastern Sweden and is one of Sweden’s oldest cities. As it is very close to the Baltic Sea, the city became an important trade centre during the 13th century. Kalmar and Växjö both belong to the province of Småland. Typical for Småland is large areas covered in forest, lakes and watercourses. Many of the smaller towns in Småland have arisen from agriculture, forestry and glassworks. Us Smalanders are often described as ingenious, diligent and cheap, but that last one we would like to change to thrifty instead.

Ever since the beginning, our focus has been Outdoor from a Scandinavian perspective – we call it ”The best of Scandinavian Outdoor”. We sell clothing, shoes and equipment mainly from Nordic brands and from the Nordic and Scandinavian perspective on Outdoor.

We want to inspire more people to spend time outdoors, because we know it’s healthy on so many levels. Our mission is ”We bring happiness to people by taking them outdoors.” We cannot do this alone, and that is why we collaborate with two of Sweden’s largest organizations in outdoor – Friluftsfrämjandet and STF.

In Småland we’re always reminded of the close proximity to nature and we’re happy to test our products here at home. We, as so many others, would like to reduce our footprint on nature as much as possible. That is why we work hard with sustainability issues and you can read more about how Outnorth work with sustainability here.

Since we are located in a small city in southern Sweden, we cannot promise you delivery on the same day, or even the next day. Ergo, it takes a little bit longer to get your order from us, but we hope that you can feel our commitment in our range selection, our guides and in those cases you are in contact with our customer service. We are here for you and hope you want to experience ”The best of Scandinavian Outdoor” too!

How to contact Outnorth:
Phone: +46 (0)480-94 000
Mail: info@outnorth.com
Adress: Box 3011, 350 33 Växjö, Sweden

Return address
Outnorth AB
Stora Räppevägen 60

352 74 Växjö

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