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Today’s modern sleeping bags are adapted for different body types, weather conditions and situations. As of 2004 we have used the European standard, EN13537, to specify the temperature of the sleeping bag. That makes it easier for you to compare quality between different brands and therefore find the right sleeping bag perfect for you and your loved ones.

All sleeping bags which meet the criterias are within the temperature scale set by a laboratory test. The standard specify the Comfort limit, which is the lowest comfort temperature for women. Lowe limit is the lowest comfort temperature for men and Extreme limit is the lowest survivable temperature for women.

A lightweight sleeping bag or a warm one?

We set higher demands to comfort on a sleeping bag for a camping vacation than we do for a hiking trip in the mountains. Nature demands a sleeping bag that is easy to carry and can resist cold temperatures and wind. On a shorter hike it might be more important with a roomy sleeping bag with a perfect temperature. The temperature and weight of the sleeping bag are simply the most important things to think about when choosing between all of our models in our range of sleeping bag.

The isolation of your sleeping bag is crucial for your experience. Down is easy to carry, can be compressed a lot and is warmer than synthetic isolation. Down often mean a higher price, but treated with care and proper storage can give the sleeping bag a much longer life. Synthetic isolation is cheaper, but you cannot compress it as much as down.

Children’s sleeping bags

Children’s sleeping bags are smaller in size and heat up faster than those designed for adults. There is no standard temperature measurement for children’s sleeping bags, but we do recommend a smaller bag. Adult sleeping bags seldom work well for children, as they get cold very easily. For the smallest children, who cool down much faster, it is especially important to make sure the sleeping bag has a hight enough temperature.

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