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A quality backpack is fitted for both you, who will wear it, and what you will use it for. You might need a backpack for hiking, running or for family adventures? Regardless of what activities you perform, it is important to remember that the backpack should be easy to pack and that there should be room enough for what you want to put in it, to make sure nothing needs to be hung on the outside.

A great backpack should divide the weight evenly over your shoulders and hips and it should be possible to carry it for a long time, without getting any chafing or unneccessary wear and tear on your body. The outdoor models come in 10, 20 and 50 liters and they are designed to hold in tough weather and other strains.

Beautiful and practical backpacks

Harsh conditions and long walks set high demands for both form and function. A practical backpack makes it easier to pack and gives the carrier more room to move. If the backpack will be used in warmer climates or for activities where you sweat a lot, it should have great breathability too. There are many solutions for this, for example built in panels or airy mesh.

To divide the weight of the backpack in the best way, it is important that the shoulder straps fit tightly on the shoulders and upper back, without being too tight. This prevents the content of the backpack ending up too far away from your body, which will pull you backwards.

Children’s backpacks

Scouts or camping? Or a practical schoolbag? Children need quality backpacks fitted for them and their activities. Children can’t take as much weight as us grown ups and therefore it is extra important that the backpack is a good size and not too heavy. Some brands have backpacks specially designed for children, with adjustable straps for growing backs and shoulders. But it is not a good idea to buy a backpack that is too big, because a backpack you should «grow into» could lead to skewed and incorrect weight distribution.

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