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In the 1980s, when jogging was introduced, we were taught that it is good to put the heel down with full power first and to roll over the sole afterwards. Today, most runners know that it is more efficient to put the foot down closely to the body and preferably with the front part of the foot first.
The running-style of long distance runners has become more like that of sprinters. Thus, many have also been questioning traditional running shoes with extreme damping under the heel. With those kinds of running shoes it can be hard to refine one’s own running-style. We at Outnorth believe that the best thing you can do for your body and for your running-style is to vary both your training and your running shoes. If you are running many miles on asphalt a week, then you will probably need running shoes with good damping. But if you want to improve your running-style and build up strength in your joints, then we think you should go out in the forests. Try out trail-running and even barefoot-running – we have suitable running shoes for both! When trail-running, you need to prioritize shoes with a good stability and with a good grip. Another objective is to get as close to the ground as possible to reduce the risk of sprains. It does not work to use running shoes with high maximum damping heels. Then you should vary your workout with barefoot running. Nowadays this does not mean plucking stone and glass from your feet after each running session: modern barefoot running is equivalent with Five Fingers.

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