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Brusletto & Co AS was established in 1896 by Rognald Brusletto. When he designed and developed the machine hammer based on hydropower, he simultaneously opened for a technical development and industrial production that would leave its mark on the company and the local community for generations. Today, Brusletto & Co produces finer sports and hiking knives. Their knives are an important tool whether you are going on a hike or you are going to hunt and fish. The blades are designed and manufactured to be in use. The shape of the shaft and blade is different depending on the need you as a user want to cover. The steel they use is high-grade knife steel. It is treated, punched out and cured to the optimum hardness. The knife should last a long time on the sharpness while not being difficult to re-set when needed. They use different types of wood in their shafts, such as mason birch, birch, olive tree, nut tree and rattan. Their wood materials come from different places and are not threatened with extinction. They strive for environmentally friendly production and have return routines on residual materials where possible.

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Brusletto Butcher Knife Set No Colour Brusletto
Butcher Knife Set No Colour
Brusletto Kikut Sharpener for Axe & Knife No Colour Brusletto
Kikut Sharpener for Axe & Knife No Colour

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