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At Outnorth, you will find alpine skis for young children, juniors, and adults. Whether you ski on the slopes and are looking for a pair of on-piste skis or prefer off-piste and need a pair of freeride skis, we have several different models to choose from. If you ski across the whole mountain, both on-piste and off-piste, a pair of all-mountain skis are recommended. We offer alpine skis from popular brands such as Salomon, Völkl, and K2 Sports. Complete your ski setup with a pair of ski poles, and don't forget the ski helmet!

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When you are going to buy new alpine skis, there are different types of skis to choose from that are suitable differently depending on the type of skiing you are looking for. For example, if you prefer to ski on groomed slopes, a pair of piste/carving skis are best suited as they are very easy to drive on firm ground. But if you instead like to ski down the groomed slopes, you should instead invest in a pair of all-mountain skis that are a form of all-round ski that also works great in powder snow.

At Outnorth, you can find different variants of alpine skis from different well-known manufacturers in different price ranges that suit both men, women and juniors.

Choosing the right ski length

The length of your skis can sometimes be a bit tricky as there is no standard for which ski length is best for you. Here, things like ride feel and experience play a greater role. As a rule, longer skis usually require more experience, but in return they can provide better balance in the air and higher speed. If you are not so used to standing on a pair of skis, a pair of shorter skis is preferable as they are usually very easy to use. But if we are still going to refer to an approximate length that works well, you can say that regular hill skis should be about 10-15 cm shorter than the skier.

Longitudinal stiffness of your alpine skis

When choosing the stiffness of your skis, there are also a few things to take into account. Softer cross-country skis are easier for beginners and others who run at low and normal speeds, but can be perceived as unstable at higher speeds. Skis that are stiffer in length are heavier to turn with, but in return are much more stable at high speed. As a result, they are better suited for experienced skiers.

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