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Micropur Quick is a chlorine-based water purification tablets that destroy harmful bacteria in drinking water and protect against diseases caused by water-borne infections. Place a tablet in a liter of water and wait 30 minutes. Micropur Quick can be used in clear water, muddy water to be purified through the filter (e.g., Pocket or Vario Katadyn). There are 70 tablets in a pack and it cleans as 70 liters of water. The tablet itself has a long shelf life (4 years).
Specifications for Micropur Quick MQ 1T:
Dimensions Length x Width x Height: 21x153x52 mm
Weight: 24 g
Katadyn is a world nown maker of portable water treatment systems and filters for the active outdoor person who need products to trust. With Katadyn you always get what is best.

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