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Children seldom stop playing, regardless of weather, but how long the kids will stay happy and content often depends on their clothing. With a high-quality jacket the youngest’s adventures will keep on going, even if it's pouring down. With us you can find nice quality jackets from brands like Didriksons, Bergans, Norrøna and Salomon. It does not have to be a pain in the neck to shop for new clothes for the whole family. If you, like so many other parents, have problems with making time for shopping, just buy your familiy's new jackets online from Outnorth.

Keep warm with layering

If it is not too cold outside it might be enough with just a jacket, but if it’s very cold we recommend you to layer your clothing. Closest to the body your child should have materials that breath, like wool. As a mid-layer you can use fleece with good breathability, to keep the body from cooling down because of sweat when the temperatures change rapidly. For the outer layer we have a wide range of great jackets, so maybe something windproof? Just make sure you choose a roomy jacket, to enable your child to move freely. Some models have several layers in one jacket and in some cases you can take them appart and use them separately, depending on weather. Perfect for when the weather change suddenly. The so-called 3-in-1 jackets can be found in brands like The North Face, Jack Wolfskin and VAUDE.

Non-toxic jackets for spring, fall & winter

During spring and fall the temperatures and weather could change suddenly, which creates high demands for our outdoor clothing. It can get very wet and rainy, which increase the need for waterproof or water-resistant materials. As a parent you wouldn’t dress you kids in toxic clothing. In our shop you’ll find children’s jackets impregnated with water-resistant functions completely free of for example fluorcarbon or PFC.

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