Kids' Rain Clothes

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"There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!” is something Scandinavian kids have been told by grown ups for generations. But to tell the truth it’s probably only the kids who actually believe this statement and gladly go outside regardless of slush or pouring rain. Outnorth has a great selection of kids' rain clothes. Here you’ll find quality rain clothes at great prices – everything from jackets to rain trousers and full sets from brands like Didriksons and Tretorn.

Quality rain clothes let’s the kids explore the world in any weather

Unlike many grown ups (even if there are some exceptions), a lot of children love the rain. They can’t wait to go outside and splash in puddles after, or in the middle of, heavy rainfall. Children provide the rain with the love it really deserves. To make playtime in the rain even more fun, it is neccessary to have durable and reliable rain clothes which won’t hinder the kid's fun and games, rather the opposite!

Waterproof rain clothes from top to toe

You can of course do quite well with just a rain jacket, but that is not enough when it comes to active kids who love the rain. With a complete rain set only the imagination sets the limits, not the weather. Kids are not exactly standing still and just watching the rain, which require the possibility to move around and durable clothing for rough games. Outnorth has durable quality rain clothes for the whole family and, of course, the children. Choose between rain jackets and trousers from famous brands. Many of the rain jackets are equipped with waterproof hoods, which can be replaced by a nice Sou’wester or a rain hat, which will keep their head dry and warm when the skies suddenly open and rain comes pouring down.

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