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At Outnorth you can find a wide selection of men’s clothing online which will hold for adventures, training and the great outdoors. On our website you can find brands like Fjällräven, Haglöfs, The North Face and Peak Performance.

Men’s clothing for outdoor living – fully equipped

If you are going on an adventure you will need clothes you can trust – durable clothing to keep you warm and dry, that breathes and lets you move around freely. Whether you’re climbing a mountain, taking a jog through the forest or playing with your kids in the sandbox when it’s raining. At Outnorth we got all the men’s clothing you could ever need for adventures outside, regardless of weather.

Men’s jackets – several layers or a warmer jacket?

Your choice of jacket depends on activity and temperature. What are you going to do when you wear the jacket and what temperatures do you expect? The most basic of all jackets is the shell jacket. A quality shell jacket is wind resistant, waterproof and has great breathability – which makes it perfect for any weather and for most activities. In a warmer climate you can wear it right on top of a sweater or a t-shirt. If you need more warmth you could have several layers underneath it, for example a warm midlayer jacket or a fleece jacket. This way you will get protection against wind and rain at the same time as you can control how much heat you need by taking off or button down some layers. Take a look at our broad selection of shell jackets here.

Do you know that you will be outside in colder weather, maybe in the slopes, then you should just go straight to the warm jackets. Here at Outnorth we have warm jackets that will keep you warm and dry in colder weather, lightweight down jackets you can easily pack with you or ski jackets which provide warmth and great movement in the slopes.

Men’s trousers that can take any weather

Your trousers go through a lot when you spend a lot of time outside and engage in outdoor activities. Sometimes you sit on an uneven tree stump. You might kneel down to look at something on the ground. Or maybe you’ll walk through tall grass and your pants get wet. Often when you move around like that you also become quite hot – that is why ventilation is so important. In our wide range of men’s trousers you can find outdoor trousers with polstered knees and behinds, with extra ventilation as well as wind and water resistance. If they get wet they will dry much faster than trousers made completely from cotton.

Do you need trousers for pouring rain, strong wind, outdoor training or a day in the slopes? At Outnorth you’ll also find rain trousers, shell trousers, training trousers or ski trousers for different budgets.

Midlayer and bottom layer

To be fully equipped for any adventure it’s not enough with just jackets and trousers. You want warmer layers close to the body, and it should preferably breathe and keep you dry. Depending on the activity and weather forcast, you will need different amounts of layers with different heating capabilities. At Outnorth you can find anything from base layers made from whool to tops and shirts that you can wear underneath as a midlayer or close to your skin.

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