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Outnorth has a wide selection of men’s shoes in all price ranges and for different uses. We have everything from walking shoes from Salomon, everyday boots from Timberland and comfortable sneakers from Sketchers.

Men’s shoes – what do you need?

It’s obvious that everyone need a few pairs of shoes – but what to you have to think about when you want to update your collection? Well, it all depends on what you usually do everyday. If you have smaller children who loves being outside playing in puddles, we would recommend a pair of wellingtons. This could be the difference between a fun playtime or a nightmare, because of cold and wet feet. It’s the same for dog owners, who often walk in wet grass with their pup. But those who mostly walk around in the city it might be more practical with some everyday shoes or walking shoes.

Walking shoes or hiking shoes

For most of our visitors here on Outnorth’s website, we can safely say that almost everyone do need some walking or hiking shoes. Sometimes you even need several pairs, mostly because some hikes in varied climates and on specific ground surfaces will demand different functions from your shoes. During the summer months, a pair of lower cut hiking shoes would be a great choice. You’ll get better ventilation and a much more lightweight pair of shoes. However, if you plan on hiking in the mountains or during the colder months of the year, it will be better with some higher cut shoes. You get a warmer shoe and at the same time it supports your ankle, which is essential if you’re walking on sharp and loose rocks. Take a look at all of our different men’s trekking shoes here.

Casual shoes

In addition to walking shoes, wellingtons and running shoes, every wardrobe also need everyday shoes. It could be shoes you wear to and from work, when walking in the city or shopping. Everyday matters if you will. During winter a couple of stylish boots would be a great choice. Make sure they are comfortable and fit your feet. Take a look at our selection of casual boots.

When summer comes you will need better ventilation and this is where a pair of sneakers will be perfect. The comfort is hard to beat, you get cushion soles and great breathability. But sometimes the situation demands a nicer shoe, preferably without giving up on comfort. Some loafers or comfortable leather shoes could be a better choice then. Timberland have very popular men’s shoes – they make comfortable, practical and stylish shoes. Take a look at our broad selection of casual shoes for men here.

Take care of your shoes

Do you want your shoes to last and look like new? Well, then it is very important to take care of them correctly. Different kinds of material will need different impregnation and cleaning. Go to shoe accessories and find everything you need to keep your shoes fresh for as long as possible!

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