Women's Jackets

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Outnorth has jackets for all occasions. Among our women's jackets you'll find several models made with different functions and designs. Whether you are looking for a long, short, warm or cool jacket, you will be able to find it here.

Women's jackets for all seasons and occasions

You need at least one jacket for each season of the year in your wardrobe. We have jackets for any season or occasion, whether it's a warm down jacket for winter, a shell jacket for spring or a flexible jacket for your workout.

Warm women's jackets

When autumn and winter is closing in, it is time to look around for women's winter jackets that will keep you warm and protect you against the season's cold weather. Among our women's jackets you will find several types of warm jackets and thick down jackets. If you're looking for a longer jacket, we would like to recommend some of our parkas jackets.

Women's jackets for spring and summer

During spring and summer it might not always be necessary to have a jacket, but it's always nice to have one just in case. Among our lightweight jackets you'll find several different models fitting for the milder seasons. A thin shell jacket would also do the trick.

Jackets for active occasions

Are you going skiing during your holiday? You might work out or do a lot of running outside? We have a wide range of practical and nice ski and training jackets. The softshell jacket is also a popular choice for outdoor activities, thanks to the heating effect and breathability it has. This makes it comfortable to wear when moving about.

You can also find outdoor jackets perfect for hikes in the great outdoors.

Waterproof women's jackets

Do you need a jacket that can protect against rain and bad weather? Take a look at our wide range of women's rain jackets. Some of our shell jackets are made from a waterproof material and will therefore also protect you against the rain.

Regulate your temperature with layers

Sometimes we just don't know how the season will turn out. Will we have a cold and white winter? Is autumn going to be filled with colorful leaves and sunshine, or will it just be rainy and grey? That's when you need to be flexible with your clothes and a great way to do that is to use layers. One alternative would be to put on a fleece jacket under your shell jacket.

Remember to take care of your jacket

To be able to preserve the functionality and quality of your jacket, you will have to take care of it. We advice you to follow the cleaning instructions written on the garment. A tip for down jackets is to tumble dry it after you wash it. Turn the jacket inside out and throw some tennis balls in the dryer. This will spread the down equally through the jacket.

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