Women's Rain Clothes

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Rain clothes is a very popular garnment, both because of its function and because it actually looks pretty good nowadays. Here you can find several models for women which are both nice-looking and practical.

Galon or waterproof shell garnments?

Among our rain clothes you can choose between clothing in different waterproof materials. You can find women’s rain clothes in galon, which is a classic material when it comes to rain clothes. But we also have shell garnments in other waterproof materials. So what to choose? Galon or shell garnments?


Galon is a durable material which can take large amounts of water and it’s therefore a great option when it rains a lot. You can feel safe that your clothes underneath will stay dry – perfect for when you are going to work on rainy mornings. Galon also has a smooth surface, which makes it easy to wash if it gets dirty.

If we compare it to other waterproof shell garnments, we see that galon does not have the same breathability other shell garnments have. This means that if you’re very active when outside, the garnment will not transport the moisture formed inside the clothes.

Waterproof shell garnments

Among our women’s rain clothes you can find clothing made from other waterproof materials other than galon. It can be Gore-Tex or polyester with taped seams. Several of these garnments have the ability to keep moisture out and they have great breathability. Thus, they can transport the moisture formed on the skin. A waterproof shell garnment is therefore very nice if you are thinking of being very active when you wear the clothes.

Our range of women’s rain clothes

In our range you’ll find functional rain jackets, stylish rain trousers and matching sets.

Rain jackets in different styles

Among our women’s rain jackets everyone will find something that fits them, regardless of style and taste. Here we have rain jackets in different colors, like yellow, red and black. The model could be short or long, sporty or a little nicer for everyday use. You will most definitely find something for you here, no matter what you are looking for. Here you can see all of our women’s rain jackets.

Stylish and comfortable rain trousers

It can be great to complement the rain jacket with a fitting pair of women’s rain trousers. This way you’ll be able to keep dry when you are outside playing with the kids, riding your bike to work or out on a hike. In our range you will find stylish rain trousers in different waterproof materials. Take a look at all of our women’s rain trousers here.

Matching rain sets

Do you need both a new rain jacket AND a pair of women’s rain trousers? That is when you should look at full sets instead. We have different sets, both in galon or other waterproof materials. Choose between our women’s rain sets here.

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