Women's Swimwear

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At Outnorth’s we got comfortable and stylish women’s swimwear that fits all types of water and swimming activities. We have a broad selection of bikinis, swimsuits and wetsuits from famous brands like Adidas, Billabong, Houdini and Speedo.

Swimwear has to withstand a lot

Your swimwear is in direct contact with your skin and it is worn in everything from salt water, chlorine, sand, wind and the cold. You also move a lot when you swim and the swimwear is exposed to underwater currents and waves. Swimwear must endure a lot, and at the same time it has to be kind to your skin and follow your movements. This sets high demands for both the shaping and materials the swimwear is made from. Because of this, we have a lot of different types of women’s swimwear. You might not want to use the same bikini you normally wear when sunbathing on the beach during summer, as when you participate in a swimrun race during the colder spring months. Choose comfortable swimwear that fits the activities you will use it for. In our wide selection we have something for everyone.

Women’s swimwear in larger sizes

In addition to your swimwear having to withstand different types of strains, it is just as important that you feel comfortable in your swimwear. At Outnorth you can find women’s swimwear fitted for you, to make it easier for ladies with larger breasts or wider hips to find swimwear fitted for them. Our broad selection gives you an opportunity to choose between nice bikinis, comfortable swimsuits or functional swimrun clothing in all colors, shapes and sizes.

Women’s wetsuits – for swimming or swimrun

On some occations it’s not enough with a swimsuit or a bikini. If you are going to swim in open water and colder temperatures, or longer distances, you will need swimwear that will keep your body warm. This is when a wetsuit would be the perfect choice. Wetsuits come in several different models and thicknesses, for use in all kinds of water and by different kinds of people. A thinner wetsuit without arms, or short arms and legs, will isolate and warm you less than what a thicker wetsuit with longer arms and legs will.

Wetsuits are more or less always made from neoprene, which has special properties as it works as an isolating and warming layer, even when it gets wet and is soaked in water. Even though the wetsuit lets in water, it still helps you keep warm since the water coming in is heated up by your bodyheat. Because of this, the wetsuit and heated water creates an isolating and warming layer around your body.

Read more about our different wetsuit models, to see which one fits you, depending on how easily you get cold, how cold the water you’ll swim in is and for how long you will be in the water. Please don’t forget to take a look at our swimrun gear and swimrun shoes, for when you need to get ready for a race or training in open water.

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