Kids' Clothes

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No matter how tempting it is to dress our kids up in nice clothes, the most important thing is still that their clothes are practical, durable and fits them well. This is exactly what you’ll find here at Outnorth. And as if that weren’t enough, at the same time they are also very stylish and nice!

Clothes for kids in all ages

Here you can find clothes for children for all kinds of fun and adventures. We have clothes for any weather and ages, everthing from gloves and beanies for colder days to t-shirts and shorts for warm summer days.

Comfortable and durable clothing – lets the kids be kids

Children get frustrated when they can’t move around freely and that is why clothing is an important factor. At Outnorth you can find kids' clothing adapted for kids who like to play a little bit rougher. We seldom see kids care about getting dirty or wet, but we always say that dry kids are happy kids. That is why we have a large range of rain clothes and other kinds of outdoor clothing that will keep the kids dry or at least dry up fast.

Quality clothing with great durability

A jacket is a piece of clothing which can stay in your closet for a longer period of time, even if the child grows. Is it a quality jacket, you’ll also know that it will hold during tougher adventures and for younger children, when the time comes.

At Outnorth you will find kids and junior jackets fitting for all seasons and activities. You can also find beanies, mittens and other quality clothing for your kids. Quality isn’t just the durability of the material, it’s also the type of material and how the clothing is put together. And if you are looking for organically produced kids' clothing, then of course you’ll find that too in our large selection.

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