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Get ready to lace up your shoes, throw on your running backpack, and head out on new adventures along rocky paths and challenging mountain trails. Trail running isn't just a workout - it's a journey filled with excitement, nature's wonders, and a vibrant community. In our assortment, you as a runner will find the best in clothing, shoes and equipment. We will guide you to the best products for your running style and help you elevate your running experience.

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3 tips to get you started

Are you curious about trying trail running? It doesn't have to be difficult - nature is waiting, all you have to do is step outside! Here are 3 simple tips to kick start your trail journey.

1. Run without timing youself. Pick a nice natural area, go exploring and enjoy the surroundings. No pressure!

2.  Get a pair of trail shoes with a good grip. With the right shoes, you can feel confident in new and demanding terrains.

3. Shorten your steps and slow down. Especially on technical parts, it makes it easier with a shorter stride. Trail running is more energy demanding than running on asphalt, so slow down and stop focusing on mileage times.

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Tips for trail running

Have you built up good technique and stamina when running uphill? Have you reached the top of the mountain when climbing? Don't forget that you have to figure out how to get back down. That's one of the joys of trail running! 

Which running shoes should I choose?

Navigating the jungle of running shoes can be overwhelming. Outnorth explains what you need to know and how to use the information to find the right shoes for you and your running technique.

How do I choose the right running backpack?

With a running backpack, there are no limits for your run – you can bring water, energy and the equipment you need without any problems. 

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