Why don't you offer rental or secondhand products?

Renting and secondhand selling can help to ensure that products are used to their full potential and not discarded/recycled prematurely.

We don't believe so much in renting clothes. At least not remotely, via e-commerce. When we ship a product once, the carbon footprint of transport is relatively small compared to the total carbon footprint of the product. But if the product is shipped several times during its lifetime, the carbon footprint of transport increases. When it comes to clothes, they will probably also need to be decontaminated between wearers and we believe that the climate benefit here will be very limited, if any. On the other hand, renting ski clothing, for example, in connection with renting skis at a ski resort seems reasonable from a climate perspective as well. Especially if the clothes you rent are not clothes you can use for other activities as well.

Equipment rental is probably more relevant to consider. There is no or less cleansing required between wearers, and there is a greater risk that certain equipment will be left unused for long time periods. Clothes tend to be used more often. Therefore, we might be looking into equipment rental in the future. Regarding secondhand, we will soon start a pilot project and test secondhand trade.

With all that said, there is no better way to use a product than for the first person who buys it to use it for its entire potential lifetime. Secondhand and rental may compensate for when this is not possible or simply doesn't happen.

Isn't e-commerce generally bad for the environment? There’s just so much transport.

In fact, Outbound transport accounts for only about 4% of our climate emissions. While it is important that we keep these emissions to a minimum, the 4% does not make e-commerce a major climate villain. It would take large stores in many cities to offer our customers the same range in physical stores. These shops would need to be built, staffed, heated/cooled, and supplied with electricity. Then both staff and customers would have to get to the shops and the goods would also have to be shipped to the shops. Nowadays, we have a large warehouse instead, and the goods sent from the warehouse to our customers are packed together in large trucks and share a large part of the journey home to the customers. It's a fair question to ask what's best to transport. Is it the customer who must go to the goods (in the shop) or is it the goods that have to be transported to the customer?

Return shipping is a problem for e-commerce. But it is also very important that our customers have the possibility to exchange the product if they are not satisfied. A product that a customer is not satisfied with might never be used. From a climate perspective, this is the worst possible outcome – a product that is produced and then not used.

You ship too much air!

We sometimes get this feedback from customers. It may be in the form of an email or a post on social media. Often there is a photo of an oversized box and a small product packed in that box. We're always left feeling a bit disappointed when we get this feedback, because it means we've kind of failed. But we always try to investigate it and find out what happened.

Our warehouse is automated, but the packing process is manual and unfortunately the packers sometimes make mistakes. We are continuously working on choosing the right packaging. We are grateful for feedback in case you receive a shipment where the parcel is too large for the product.

Do you care about the working conditions in the factories you use?

Yes, we do.

We have chosen to become a member of the European organization Amfori BSCI and apply the code of conduct and tools developed by this organization as a basis for our work on social issues. A key element of the Amfori BSCI is that we, together with other members, share the responsibility for inspecting the factories. The platform allows us to monitor that all factories are inspected every year. The system is based on the idea of continuous improvement.

Why do you sell products that are produced in China?

China is one of the world's leading producers, both of textile products and of many other product categories in our range.

In terms of transport, the sea transport from Asia is not as harmful as one might think. A truck transport from southern Europe can cause just as much emission. For the inbound transport of our own products, we have switched to using only sea transport, and we now use sea transport with biofuel. (The train transport that is available produces higher emissions of greenhouse gases and aviation produces much higher emissions).

Some believe that only poor quality is produced in China. But that is not the case. It is possible to produce both low and high quality everywhere.

The energy supply mix in China is very much based on fossil fuels. This is changing, but not at the pace that is needed. China has about the same share of fossil energy as the world on average. Even in Europe, many countries are at the same level, and some are above (for example Poland). A case can be made for moving production from China to Sweden, Norway, or Finland for better energy balance in production. But the question is how realistic that is. There are some textile factories left in our countries, and respect to them. But we don't think it is realistic to believe that we are going to move large-scale textile industries back to northern Europe. We will, however, try to encourage our producers to switch to renewable energy. This is one of the most important things we can do to achieve our goal of climate neutrality by 2028. And indeed, if we can in some way influence just a few investment decisions by our suppliers to have new factories opt for renewable energy – then that could be one of the most important things we can do for the climate.

Then there is the issue of democracy and political developments in China. Developments have been moving in the wrong direction in recent years. However, we have not seen any deterioration in working conditions. As things stand, we will continue to trade products from China. We have sought to ensure that the products or raw materials do not come from the Xinjiang province and are otherwise monitoring developments.

Which products are best from an environmental and sustainability point of view?

From a climate perspective, all products have an impact, and the most important thing we can do to reduce our impact is to buy high quality products and use them for as long as possible. We strive to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations, but over 60% of the carbon footprint occurs in the manufacturing of the products, which is why it is vital that the products that are manufactured are really used.

We have chosen not to create our own eco-label or environmental claim. Instead, we are setting up an opportunity for you as a consumer to filter for aspects that we believe are a better choice from an environmental perspective. Namely, third-party certifications and production methods. You can find them in the shop under the filtering options.

Do your products contain any dangerous chemicals?

Chemical legislation in the EU is the most stringent in the world. For example, you may have heard about the REACH legislation, which covers a wide range of chemicals.

We are members of the Chemicals Group, which is part of RISE. With the help of the Chemicals Group, we have developed a working method to control the use of chemicals, particularly in our own brand products. This involves contracting, information gathering, risk assessment and testing.

For external brands, we mainly rely on contracting. While the European chemicals legislation is the basis for our work, in some cases we have gone a little further than that. We have developed a “blacklist” of chemicals, materials, production methods and products that we do not accept. In addition to this blacklist, we have a “phase out list” with mostly material that we want to phase out but have not found alternatives for yet. Finally, we have a list of “preferred attributes”. It contains third-party certifications and production methods that we believe can make a difference. We communicate all these lists to our suppliers, and, in the case of preferred attributes, we also give our customers the opportunity to use them as filters in the shop. We cannot claim with certainty that there are no hazardous chemicals in our products. But we put a lot of effort into avoiding it.

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Contact & My account

What are your business hours?

Our phones are open:

Monday to Friday 09:00-16.00 CET (UTC+2)
Closed during lunch 11:30-12:00 CET (UTC+2)

You can reach us at +46 (0)480 - 940 00

Outside our telephone hours you can look for answers to your questions in our FAQ.
You can also contact us by email at [email protected]

I cannot find the information I am looking for - how can I contact you?

Please contact us either by phone: +46 480- 94 000 or by e-mail: [email protected] - we will help you with your questions. 

Help, how do I log in to my account?

When you place an order at Outnorth.com we automatically create an account for you. You can log in to your account either on the top right side of our website or on the bottom of the website, where it says "Login".

If you haven’t got a password, click "Forgot your password?" to create one.

How can I cancel my newsletter subscription?

In the footer of our newsletters, there is a link saying “Unsubscribe”, click this link and follow the instructions to unsubscribe.

I entered the wrong e-mail address. How do I change it?

If you entered the wrong e-mail address, made a typo, or got a new e-mail adress please contact our customer support by e-mail [email protected]  so we can edit your information. Without a correct address, you might not get important messages such as order confirmation, shipping confirmation, track & trace etc.

How can I change my e-mail adress in my Outnorth account?

We will fix this for you. Please just send us an e-mail to [email protected]

How do I confirm my account?

When making your first order from us, we automatically set up an account for you and send you an email asking you to confirm your account. If you have not done that, you will be asked to do so next time you want to sign in.

If you cannot find your confirmation email, please reach out so we can send you a new confirmation link. We will send this to your email. If you cannot find the mail, please check your spam folder. When clicking the link you confirm your e-mail address and should be able to sign in.

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Return & Warranty policy

Can I get a new return form?

If you would like to return products and you can't find the return form, download a new return form here.

If you do not have a printer, it is fine to write order number and list the returned items on a piece of paper. Send it along with items that you do not wish to keep. 

Please send a short mail to our customer service at [email protected] with the following information about your returnOrder number, shipping company, tracking number and - if available - tracking link. 

How do I return an item?

When you send a return to us, please, do not address the package specifically to a person or a department. Please address the package exactly to the return address that you find below. Thank you! 

Outnorth AB Logistics 
John Bunyans Väg 2 
418 78 Göteborg 

Return instructions: 

1. Fill in the return form that came with your order and pack it together with the product(s) you want to return. If you don’t have a return form you can download it here.

2. Pack your product(s) carefully. Please, do not use the original product packaging, e.g., a shoebox or plastic wrapper, as the outer packaging. When you return a product, it should be returned in unused condition and in undamaged product packaging, with all labels and manuals included. 

3. Send your parcel to our return address. You’ll have to cover the shipping cost yourself, and it is your responsibility that the item(s) arrive in good condition. Save the shipping receipt until your return has been confirmed. 

4. Send a mail to our customer service at [email protected] with the following information about your return: Order number, shipping company, tracking number and - if available - tracking link. 

Shortly after we have received your return, we will pay back the amount paid for the items you returned. 

If you have any questions please contact, our customer support.

How do I file a complaint?

To file a complaint start by sending us an e-mail to [email protected]. Please state and enclose in your mail:

- Ordernumber + name of the product or article number
- Detailed description of the fault/problem and images/video
- Information of how and when the problem was discovere
- How you have cared for the product, if relevant -

We will then process your claim and ask you for further information if that is needed to solve the issue. Often we will ask you to return the item to us for examination or repair, but please to not send the item unless we ask for it.  All returned items must be clean when returned to us.

For how long can I return a product and get my money back?

Outnorth offers a 30-day money back guarantee starting from the day you receive your order. If you would like to return a product within this period, please fill in the return form, which we sent with your order, and send it to us along with the item you wish to return.

This return policy does NOT apply to underwear and products that have been adjusted to fit you such as skis or snowboards.

If you wish to exchange your product: Please place a new order for the item you want instead and return the item(s) that you do not want to keep.

I would like to exchange a product from my order. How do I do that?

If you would like to exchange an item from your order, simply return the item(s) (refer to our return policy) and place a new order with the item(s) you would like to have instead.

Please return the item(s) that you do not want to keep by sending them to

Outnorth AB Logistics
John Bunyans Väg 2
418 78 Göteborg

Please do not address the package specifically to a person or a department. Please address the package exactly to the above mentioned address. Thank you!

Make sure to wrap return items carefully and use the original packaging. Fill in the return form that came with our order or download it here.  Please do not stick the shipping label directly on the product packaging.

You cover the shipping cost and it is your responsibility that items arrive in a good condition. Save the shipping receipt until your return has been confirmed. Shortly after we have received your return, we will pay back the amount paid for the item(s) and standard shipping.

If you have any questions please contact our customer support.

I filed a complaint and need to return an item. How do I do that?

If we have asked you to return a faulty product to us, please send it to: 

Outnorth AB Logistics 
John Bunyans Väg 2 
418 78 Göteborg 

Please do not address the package specifically to a person or a department. Please address the package exactly to the abovementioned address. Thank you! 


- Make sure that the item is clean; if it is dirty, muddy, has animal hairs on it etc., we might refuse to handle it, or charge extra cleaning costs. 

- Please note that it is your responsibility that the goods arrive in good condition. Make sure to wrap the items carefully. 

- Please choose a trackable service and cover the shipping costs. Save a copy of the invoice/receipt. Afterwards you can send this to us along with your bank details. If your claim is accepted, we will refund you the shipping costs.

- Please save and send us the shipping information: the shipping company, tracking number and - if available - a tracking link.  

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support. 

What happens to my gift certificate when I return products?

If you used a gift certificate with your purchase but then returned your order, we will deposit a refund to the same gift certificate you've received earlier. This will be done once the return is handled. You can then use the same gift certificate code again.

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Delivery & Shipping

Which countries do you ship to?

We have individual shops for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany & Austria and orders to those countries should be placed in the country specific shop, ie. www.outnorth.se.

We also ship to other countries through our international website, outnorth.com. To check if we ship to your country, please put an item in the shopping cart and proceed to the check out. When entering your address there is a list of countries, please choose the correct country. If you do not find your country in the list, we cannot ship to you. Here you can also calculate the shipping fee for your order.

How much is the shipping?

The shipping fee depends on which country your order is shipped to. The fee for your current order will be displayed to the right in the last step of the check out, after you chosen your country. 

What is your estimated delivery time?

The delivery time depends on the destination for your order. We normally ship orders from our warehouse within 7-10 working days. Once you have placed your order, the estimated shipping date will be stated in your order confirmation.

How long it will take for FedEx to deliver to your address can be calculated at www.fedex.com

Can I track my parcel?

We send our international shipments with FedEx. Once your order leaves our warehouse you will receive an email with the tracking number.

My parcel was damaged during transport, what do I do?

If you discover that your parcel was damaged during transport, please ask the shipping agent to make a note of it when you sign and accept the shipment. Please take photos of the parcel before you open it to check your items. If any item has been damaged, please contact customer support. We do need the order number and pictures to will help you solve the problem.

How do I know that my order has been sent from Outnorth.com?

Once we are ready to ship your order you will receive a shipping confirmation by e-mail. Shortly after, you will  receive another e-mail with the tracking number so you can tack your parcel at www.fedex.com. 

How do you ship my order?

FedEx is our carrier for international shipments. When your order has been packed and sent we will send you a shipping confirmation and you will also recevice a tracking number by e-mail from our partner Unifaun.

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Which payment methods can I choose from?

You can pay by credit card (VISA & Mastercard) or Paypal. 

How do I use my gift certificate /voucher /discount code?

In the checkout area, on the very top of the page, there is a small box where you enter and activate your gift certificate or discount code. Please check the box to activate. Then type or paste in your code (it contains 16 numbers with a hyphen every 4 numbers). Please click the button "Activate". The order value will be updated and a text describing the code will appear on the right side in your shopping cart.

What is Klarna?

Klarna is a Swedish online financial services provider. We collaborate with Klarna when it comes to handling credit card payments and other payment methods. Even if you chose card payment, your order confirmation will just state "Klarna" as payment method. You will also receive a separate e-mail from Klarna with payment information after placing your order. This is just for your information.

If you have questions about a charge from your credit card or other payment specific questions, you are welcome to contact Klarna.

I chose payment method "credit card" and now it just says "Klarna". Why?

Klarna is a Swedish online financial services provider. We collaborate with Klarna when it comes to handling credit card payments and other payment methods. Even if you chose card payment, your order confirmation will just state "Klarna" as payment method. You will also receive a separate e-mail from Klarna with payment information after placing your order. This is just for your information.

If you have questions about a charge from your credit card or other payment specific questions, you are welcome to contact Klarna directly.

Can I use both a discount code and a giftcard/voucher when I pay?

Of course, it is possible to enter both a discount code and a giftcard/voucher when you going through our checkout.

Always activate your code one at a time - the discount code first, then click "Activate" and then specify the giftcard/voucher and click "Activate". However, it is not possible to add more than one discount code to each order, as long as nothing else has been specified in the campaign terms.

The same applies if you want to add several giftcards to the same order - activate one gift card at a time.

Why is there still a reservation in my account, I cancelled my order?

This reservation will be cancelled automatically within a few days. If it is not cancelled within this period, please contact your bank so they can help you.

I see that money has been charged from my card, but I haven't received any order confirmation from Outnorth. Why?

We always send an order confirmation by e-mail to the e-mail address that you submitted when you placed your order. The most common reason for not receiving this is that there was a misspelling in the email address. Another option is that the confirmation has landed in your spam folder. Have a look there and if you do not find it, reach out to our customer support so we can help you.

When will my credit card be charged if I use it for my payment in your shop?

When you make your order in our shop, the money will be reserved on your credit card. The money will be charged from your card, when we send the order from our warehouse.

How safe is it to pay with credit card in your shop?

You can pay by credit card in all Outnorth webshops. When you are being asked to enter your credit card information in the check out, you are on an encrypted page. The transaction handled by Klarna, one of the leading payment service providers in Northern Europe. Klarna is PCI certified and use 3D Secure protocol, developed by VISA and MASTERCARD, in their services. Outnorth also has a SSL certificate, so you as a customer can feel safe knowing no one else can get access to the information you are submitting when making your payment.

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Are all the prices on Outnorth.com without VAT?

All EU residents will be charged our current prices including either 25, 12 or 6% VAT/sales tax. The VAT plus delivery costs will be shown in the checkout area, before you confirm the purchase.

There is no VAT applicable on sales to residents outside of the EU. In these cases the product prices without VAT and the relevant delivery cost will be shown in the checkout area before you confirm the purchase.

Import taxes and customs fees, according to each country’s legislations, will be paid by the customer in connection with the delivery of the goods. Please make sure to choose the desired country of delivery in the checkout area in order to see correct prices.

My discount code doesn't work, why ?

Please refer to the terms and conditions of your code and check if it is valid for the items you would like to buy. Check the following:

- Spelling (i.e. dash, capital letters)
- Expiry date
- Range of products (i.e. tents or, electronics excluded)
- Excluded pricing (i.e. discounted products excluded)
- Excluded brands (i.e. Fjällräven)

If you can still not find an explanation for why it does not work, please contact our customer support. Please note that we always enclose the terms & conditions for the discount code in our e-mails.

Can I make changes in my order?

It is possible to make changes in your order as long as it has not been picked and packed.  It is possible to delete items, change colours and amounts and exchange one item for another if it is the same price or lower than the original item.

It is not possible to increase the value of your order. If you would like to add an item, you can either place a second order or contact our customer support to check if your original order can be cancelled. In that case, you can place a new order with all items you would like to buy. 

How do I cancel my order?

Please contact our customer support, either by e-mail [email protected] or by phone 004648094000, and we will help you cancel you order. Cancelling an order is possible as long as the products have not been picked and packaged.

Orders from United Kingdom

Due to Brexit we are not able to accept orders from United Kingdom for the time being!
Therefore, the country United Kingdom cannot be chosen in the check-out area right now.

We are working on getting the needed processes for shipments to UK in place. As soon as we can ship again, the country selection will be possible again.

Thanks for your understanding and patience!

Why did I not get an order confirmation?

We always send an order confirmation to the e-mail address you registered with the order. If you have not received an order confirmation, your order might not have been registered. Log in to My account to check if it is listed there. If you cannot see it there, it’s not registered.

If it is listed, check your spam folder for the confirmation. If you cannot find the order confirmation in your mail, the second most common reason is a typo in the e-mail address.

Please reach out to customer support at [email protected], so we can check your order and/or resend your order confirmation.  

Can I change the address in an order?

We can help you edit your address as long as your order has not been picked and packed yet. If your order has been processed, the order cannot be changed without causing delay. Please contact our customer support by email to [email protected] or call +46 48 09 40 00 as soon as possible to solve the issue.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Of course we do! Click here to buy.  You can also look for "gift certificate" among our products or go to the bottom of any page on the website and click the link in the left side.

Is it possible to place an order by phone or e-mail?

No, we only accept orders online. Please go to the main page here and put the products you would like to buy in the shopping cart. To place your order, go to the checkout area and fill in the relevant information. When your order has been registered, you will see your order number on the screen and shortly after you will receive an order confirmation by email.

Can I make changes in my order, even though the money has already been deducted from my account?

If you have paid by credit card, the answer is no. When paying with a credit card the amount is reserved when you place your order and the money is then deducted from your account when the order is sent. If you have paid by Paypal and your order has not been packed or sent, it might be possible. Please reach out to your customer support +46 48 09 40 00 to check if changes can be made.

Can I check the status of a placed order?

Please log in to "My account" to see the status of your order. The first time you place an order with Outnorth we will create an account for you. When logging in for the first time, just click "Forgot your password?" to set your personal password. Once this is set up, you can log in at any time to see the status of your order, your profile, and previous cases and orders.

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Would you like to contact us?

Our customer service will be happy to help you with questions and queries that you cannot find an answer to here.


If you would like to contact us, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

Please include the order number in your e-mail, if you have questions regarding a specific order.


  • Call +46 (0) 480 - 940 00

  • Opening hours
    Monday - Friday 9AM - 4PM CET (UTC+2)
    The phones are closed for lunch every day between 11.30 - 12.00
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