What to do i do if I want to add or make changes to my order?This you can’t do on your own. You will have to place a new order on the items you want to add. How do i cancel an order I have placed?Contact customer service by e-mail or phone and we will help you assuming the order haven’t been shipped already. If it has been shipped it has to be returned to us.How do i check status on a placed order?When you log in to My Pages you will see the status on your order. Login for this will be created when you place an order.

Are all prices on Outnorth.com excluding VAT?All EU residents will be charged our current prices inclusive of either 25, 12 or 6% of VAT/Sales Tax. The VAT plus any delivery cost will be shown on the order form before you confirm the purchase. There is no Vat applicable on sales to residents outside of EU. The invoices will in these cases show the product prices exclusive of VAT and the relevant delivery cost before you confirm the purchase. Import taxes and custom fees, according to each country’s legislations, will be paid by the customer in connection with the goods deliveryHow much is the shipping cost?Freight charge will be calculated during the last step of your shopping procedure, after you have stated to which country you want us to send your goods.


I want to make an exchange, what do i do?If you want to exchange one or more items from your order, simply return the item (according to our return policy) and complete a new purchase of the item you want as a replacement. You will be reimbursed for the items you return.I want to return one or more items, what do i do?If you choose to return anything to us you are then responsible for the goods until it has been safely received by us. Make sure to wrap return items carefully and use the original packaging and ship it to Stora Räppevägen 60, 352 74 Växjö, Sweden. The shipping cost will be payed by you. If you got any questions please contact customer service.I want to register a reclamation for an item i purchased, what do i do and what guarantees do i have?If possible take a picture on the problem and it will make it easier for us to handle your case. After you’ve done that send the picture in an e-mail to customer@outnorth.com and explain what has happened and how you have used the products. When we get all this our reclaim purchases department will contact you for further information if necessary.I have returned an item and i would like to know the status, what do i do?You return will get processed as soon as we get it in the order it came to us. You will be notified by mail when we have processed it.


Which payment methods can i choose from?Credit card (Visa and Mastercard) and Paypal.

How safe is it to pay using my credit card on Outnorth.com?One of the payment methods on Outnorth.com is credit card. When you are asked to give your credit card information you are on a encrypted page. The transaction will be implemented using DIBS payment exchange which is the Nordic leading payment exchange and are PCI certified. DIBS payment exchange is a listed company and are using the VISA and Mastercard developed 3D Secure link in its payment exchange. Outnorth.com also got a SSL certificate that you as a customer will be safe knowing no other will get access to your information you use on our payment site. The short answer is that you as a customer dare give you credit card information is “Yes –on our payment site you can,but we don’t recommend sending your credit card information in an email Do you want to read more about what all these terms mean we link them here:When will my card be charged if i pay with credit card?When you place the order the money gets reserved on your account and then they get drawn when we deliver your order.

How do i use my gift voucher/voucher/discount coupon?In checkout, under payment options, there is a box where you type in the code (it contains 16 numbers with a hyphen every 4 numbers). When you have typed it in you click on “activate”. Then the matching sum will get drawn from the order.There is still a reservation on my account even though i canceled my order?This reservation will go away within three weekdays. If it doesn’t go away contact your bank and they will provide help.

The money is deducted from my account but i haven’t received any order confirmation e-mail?Contact customer service and we will help you sort out what has happened. It’s good if you got the order number at hand when you contact us. It’s also good if you know the sum on the order and when it was made. Before you contact us its also kind if you also can double check if the money has not already been returned to your account.
I want to make changes on my order but the money has already been deducted from my account?As long as you want to exchange to something cheaper it’s fine. Contact us and we will help you with this. However if you want to exchange to something more expensive we need to cancel your order and you will need to place a new order.


Do you deliver all over the world?Yes we deliver to most of the world. If you want to look up a specific country you can do that in checkout and see if we deliver there. Please contact us if you wish to send to a country outside the European Union.What is your estimated delivery time?How long it takes to get your order is based on where you live. If we got the products you ordered in stock we will send them at the latest the weekday after. If we need to order an out of stock item it normally takes about 7-10 weekdays.How do I know if my order is delivered from Outnorth.com?When we ship your order an email will be sent to you that it is on the way.

What do i do if my product is damaged during transport upon arrival?If you discover that an item has been damaged during transportation, you must carefully write this down on the delivery note when you accept the item. This is so that the shipment can be reclaimed. It’s important you take a photo on how the shipment looked like when you received it. Once that is done you contact our customer service and we will help solve the problem.How do you ship my order?We work together with Fedex and the Post office to make our deliveries, which generally are as follows; - Outside Sweden; Fedex parcels. The items are delivered by Fedex and you will be notified by e-mail. For more information about Fedex and their expected delivery time to your destination please visit www.fedex.com.


I want more information about a product, where do i go?If you want more information about a product please contact our customer service on customer@outnorth.com or +46 480- 94 000 and we will help you.I’m missing measurements on a product i want to buy, what do i do?Most products with different sizes got a tab called “Sizing guide” which is next to “More info” and “Ratings”. If there is no such tabs contact customer service.


I’m not finding what I’m looking for on this site, how do i contact you?You can contact us both by email (customer@outnorth.com) and by phone +46 480-94 000.

During which hours are customer service open?
Our opening hours are Monday-Thursday 9AM-5PM and Friday 9AM-4PM CET
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